Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot Women are the Best

I've always considered myself to be fortunate. Mainly in the fact that I love to dress up as a girl. Very few men in the world get to share in this enjoyment and very few people overall understand the enjoyment that us crossdressers have. Most guys put on their jeans and t-shirts and think that's great. Me? I get to put on dresses, skirts, heels, etc. They'll never take part in the awesome sexual feeling of lingerie or stockings or lipstick. Women are incredibly beautiful, so why wouldn't a guy want to look beautiful as well?

When I'm out as Tina, people stop to look at her jsut as guys look at an attractive woman. That makes Tina feel very hot and wet. The more people that they look, the hotter and wetter she gets. Yes, it's part showing off, just as a lot of women do. If you've got the body, flaunt it. It's also showing off my sexuality and how comfortable I am with it. If we can't show express ourselves sexually, what good is sex? Plus the fact that women's clothes are so incredibly sexy, and men's are not, doesn't hurt.

As a guy, I was never with the young, hot, sexy girls. I guess creating one myself was my way of being with one. We always have a good time together, never argue, she always looks hot, she never cheats on me, I always know where she is. Perfect kind of relationship to me!

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