Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tina's New Year's Resolutions

Yeah, yeah, it's a little late for New Year's Resolutions, butt better late than never. And this way, they haven't been broken yet. So here goes, and Tina promises not to break any, at least not until next month.

1. Mastubate more. That feel of her smooth, hard cock in her hand, the humming of the vibrator shoved up her ass, the taste of cum when she finally explodes. That of course should be #1 on everyone's list, not just Tina's.

2. More visits from Tina. Tina hasn't been able to visit as often as she would like. Maybe as a punishment for that, Tina should be severely spanked the next time she cums around. Which leads into #3...

3. Spank Tina more often. She loves to be spnaked, she loves the the stinging, red ass and the caressing of her ass afterwards.

4. More outings for Tina. Tina loves to shop and also visit the strip clubs where the pretty, young, naked women really turn her on. If only one of them would go home with Tina. Tina would really like to have some friends to hang out with and of course have raunchy sex with.

5. Suck more cocks. Tina loves a hot cock in her mouth, really who doesn't like that?

So, now it's up to Tina to keep as many of the resolutions as possible. If she is able to keep all five, she'll be one tired and sore girl at the end of the year, butt she'll also be one very, very, very happy girl!