Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is Anyone Watching?

Fantasies are one of the better things in life. Where else can everything go just they way you want and imagined? Fantasies change over time from wanting a cock in my mouth to threesomes, foursomes, or more to public sex to etc. While I've been able to live out a couple of fantasies that I'll share another time, I've had one for years now that I really want to live out.

It all starts as Tina is a maid/server for a party being thrown by her girlfriend. Tina wears her pretty french maid outfit to serve drinks while all the hot women at the party enjoy themsleves and pay little attention to her. If Tina is good, and she knows she will be, she will be allowed to masturbate at the end of the evening in the middle of the room in front of everyone. Tina so likes the thought of that, that she's been wet for days in anticipation. When the day of the party finally arrives, she spends all morning cleaning the house, all afternoon getting dolled up and all evening waiting on the extemely hot, sexy women. Even though Tina looks hot, she just doesn't compare to the guests.

At the end of the night, Tina is allowed to pleasure herself. She walks to the middle of the room, strips down, takes her hot, wet cock in her hands and starts stroking slowly at first, but quickly picks up the pace. The only thing on her mind besides this public display is who is watching. As she looks around the room, none of the women seem to notice what she's doing. Instead of the humiliation of being watched, she is now humiliated at not being watched. Doesn't matter much right now as the cum is now streaming out. Making sure to catch all of it in her hand, so she can swallow every last drop.

As the girls leave for the night, they all thank Tina for being a wonderful server and tell her they will be back again with their boyfriends so she can have an attentive audience next time. Tina can hardly wait!

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  1. Hi Tina,

    You cant beat a good fantasy; I for one can support that notion 100% !

    Like it.

    Jayne xx