Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snapshot of a Fantasy

It seemed like the camera has been clicking now for a couple of hours, when in reality it had only been about 30 minutes. There are clothes everywhere. Everything from dresses to thongs to thigh high boots. Most of the clothes had been worn in the last few minutes and then discarded. Now came the time to have some photos taken without clothes.

This was Tina's dream...to have her picture taken with and without clothes. She had nothing to hide and everything to gain and enjoy. Kim was encouraging her to "make love to the camera, be hot, be sexy." As Tina slowly took off her clothes for the last time as she prepared for the nude photos, her cock sprung to life just begging for a hand to help. As her hands made their way to her cock, she was startled by someone else's hands getting there first. Looking up, she saw that Kim had put down the camera and was now undressed and wanting to join in the fun. A friend of Kim's had quietly entered the bedroom and took over camera duties.

Kim's mouth took over for her hands. She was moaning in rhythym with Tina. The camera only inches away from their passion. After that everything became a blur for Tina. There was sucking and fucking, screaming and moaning, vibrators and handcuffs. She didn't remember it all, but the photos showed it all.