Saturday, February 13, 2010

Watching Myself

Last night I had access to a video camera and was able to record myself masturbating. The bad part was I didn't have any female clothes with me, so I had to masturbate as a guy. Since I had no idea I would have this opportunity, I can't be upset about it. On the bright side, now I can masturbate to me masturbating...sounds hot to me!

I was wearing a thong at the time, but quickly disposed of that. Got some nice shots of me rubbing my cock to full hardness and also sticking a finger up my ass. I had been excited all night reading some other blogs and had come close to cumming many times earlier in the evening. When I finally did explode, I was able to catch most of it and swallowed all that I could. Hmmmm, tasted great!

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