Saturday, May 4, 2013

Karen Affeldt


Tina took advantage of the first warm day of the year to do something she's been dreaming about all winter...sunbathe in public in just her panties. The first park she went to had a lot of people around which didn't bother her too much except that there were some young kids there as well. Tina's all for fun, butt she doesn't want to get arrested!

The second park she tried was much quieter with a hot, young co-ed already spread out nearby soaking in the sun and that was pretty much it. To play it safe, Tina dressed in boy's clothes to get there, butt soon was taking them off. After spreading out her towel, she took her shirt off to reveal a hot-pink bra, which soon came off and then her shorts came off to reveal her black and white Victoria's Secret panties with pink lace. Anyone that would have looked would have to know these were girl's panties. So there she was all spread out like a cross dressing nymphomaniac right near a bike path that a lot of people were using for walking and biking.

To help pass the time, Tina brought along a Penthouse Variations to read, which got her very wet especially when she laid on her stomach so her cock could rub up and down. So many hot stories to read...maybe Tina will have to submit this one so more people can read about her and she can read about herself.

After spending a couple of hours working on her tan, it was time to go. Unfortunately the hot girl nearby had already gone. Tina waited until another girl came walking down the path before kneeling to put her bra back on, then stood up she could put on her black mini-skirt. She then put on her pink heels and black hat to walk back to the car. If the girl noticed, she didn't say anything. Too bad cuz Tina was fucking hot! Then she made the short walk back to her car  and just about anyone nearby could have seen how hot she was.

Tina plans a return trip to the park soon, maybe later this week. This time she's also going to take a vibrator with and leave all her boy clothes at home. If she wants to be treated like a lady, or a slut, she must dress the part as much as she can. Hopefully there are more people around this time and one of them will take a liking in what they see. She would love to have her wetness taken care of by some horny young boy or girl or both.



Fucking Yourself

The title pretty much says it all...Tina loves to fuck myself! And why not? She knows exactly what turns her on, what to wear, where to touch, when to slow down to prolong the fun, where to spank, how hard to spank, how hard to stroke her cock, how far to shove that vibrator into her know, all the normal stuff a hot and sexy cross dresser loves to do to herself.

Tina was able to do some shopping this week as a birthday present to herself. First she bought some hot new videos, one of which she's watching right now. She's watching a three-way lesbian scene where one slut is fucking another slut's clean-shaven, pierced pussy with her strap-on dildo while the third slut rubs her own pussy. What's not to like? Tina loves a cock in her ass, shoving one in another guy's ass and of course she loves to masturbate. Tina wouldn't object to being anyone of those sluts right now.

The next item Tina bought was a new vibrator that slides so easily into her ass and hits all the right places.  She really enjoyed how the girl working at the store had her hands all over it checking to make sure it worked. It was nice to pretend that she was shoving it in and out of Tina's ass.

After that, it was off to buy some clothes. Tina couldn't believe her luck when she found a halter top and a crop-top shirt in the hottest pink! These are definitely Tina's new favorites to wear. The one downside to Tina's shopping experience was finding that her favorite store was no longer where it used to be. She was FUCKING pissed off! Not just because it was gone, but because she wanted to flirt with and hopefully pick up Brittney, one of the young girls working there. She encountered Brittney on her first visit and was so turned on by her, she came in the car before leaving the parking lot. A search on-line later revealed the store was still in business butt in another location in the mall. Brittney will have to wait for another day.

That's it so far for birthday presents for Tina. She will enjoy each and every one of them many times to cum!