Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Sad Day

I don’t often listen to the news on the radio in the morning, but this morning I did and there was very sad news for Tina. A local adult store burned down last night. Tina had planned to go there tonight to do some shopping; she loved their selection of boots. Guess she has to find another place to do her shopping. A sad, sad day indeed.

Once again today, Tina has come to visit, at least in part. Today’s clothing includes a white and pink bra, black thong (she knows they don’t match) and black and purple striped stockings. They all feel wonderful and have kept me aroused all morning. To make matters worse (or better) there are a couple of women here at work who dress up very nicely every day…Tina is turned on by them all the time. They are always wearing high heels and short skirts. Makes me want to cum just thinking about them. I do include them in my fantasies so what they wear is not all a lost cause.

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