Monday, January 25, 2010


One thing I really enjoy is getting and keeping myself aroused as long as I can. Take this blog, for instance. Writing this blog excites me incredibly, yet I am not in a place where I can do anything about it, which I wouldn’t want any other way. I love the wet feeling in my panties that can last for hours.

When Tina comes to visit, she often stays for many hours before any sexual release happens. The warm, wet feeling between her legs, moistening her panties; the anxiousness of her next stop on her travels, wondering if there will be anyone there who wants to join her later; knowing her friendly vibrator waits for her at home, ready to slide in and out of her lovely ass.

I’m as wet as can be right now, but nothing can be done about it for at least another day. Perfect if you ask Tina and me.

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