Friday, January 22, 2010

Call me

Tina has gone shopping many times and she LOVES it when she turns people’s heads. Whether they’re giggling at her or checking her out, she loves the attention. She figures most of them are just plain jealous of how hot she is. She does get compliments once in a while which make her feel even better.

She loves it when the salesgirls ask for her phone number when checking out. Her response is often, “Can I have yours too?” That’s usually followed by a speechless look on their face. One time the bitchy salesgirl responded, “You could have just said no.” Lighten up! Her favorite response was at a Victoria’s Secret store. A very attractive young woman who Tina would have done right there responded, “No thanks,” but it was her “I’m flattered giggle” that made her day. Tina still thinks of that girl when touching herself.

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