Friday, March 5, 2010

Kim Meets Tina

Yesterday I had the fun of getting a haircut. While this isn't necessarily a fun thing for most people, it is for me since I started dressing as Tina to get my male haircut. Tina went for her first haircut two summers ago. The place she used to go to was a building with many hairstylists, each in their own room. Tina arrived a few minutes early and when she got to the top of the steps, she noticed Kim, her haristylist, was out to lunch. This meant Tina had to wait in the hall for a few minutes. I had been going to Kim for years for haircuts but this was the first time Tina was going. Not knowing how Kim would respond had Tina all worked up and nervous.

After a few minutes of waiting, Kim showed up. As she was walking up the steps, she caught her first glimpse of Tina. Her first comment, said with a big smile was, "Who's this?" I told her it was my friend Tina and she responded, "How cool is that?" Tina was very relieved that Kim was so open to having her there. She made Tina feel very comfortable, which has kept her going back on a regular basis. It certainly doesn't hurt that Kim is gorgeous with a nice body and great personality. She has a Tyra Banks look to her. So far, Kim is the only person that Tina has a friendship with. Tina would love to ask her out, but she has a live-in boyfriend and they have a daughter together. Too bad for Tina.

When Tina gets home after her haircuts, she gets out the vibrator as there's usually a nice fantasy to play out with Kim. If you ask nicely, she'll be happy to share some of those fantasies.


  1. How nice that Kim treats you so well. Would you share some of your fantasies?


  2. I will do that in future posts as long as you tell me how they make you feel.