Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crimson & Charlie

Last night I had the pleasure of visiting a strip club. When I first went last fall mainly dressed as a guy, but with a bra underneath, I had a friendly time with Crimson. I told her about my dressing up and she wondered if I was there to see the girls or what they were wearing. I had been back a few times since, but she hadn't been there. Last night my luck changed as Crimson was there danicing and looking very HOT!

I decided to dress up a little more this time. I wore a red bra with a red top that was definitely female, along with some very cute black boots. I did wear jeans, but I suppose those go both ways. I also wore lipstick. Another dancer named Charlie was the first to say anything to me. She jokingly asked if I was trying to look better than them. She really liked the top and the look. While she was dancing, she kept telling me how beautiful I looked. As if I wasn't already wet enough. After she was done dancing, she talked with me for a little while. She told me how "ballsy" it was for me to come in there all dressed up and if anyone gave me trouble, just let her know. It's nice to have the dancers on your side :)

When Crimson came by later on, I asked her if she remembered me, and she said, "You're kind of hard to forget." Even wetter now! Crimson has the sexiest smile I've ever seen. It would be hard for anyone not to succumb to her when she flashes her smile. We talked for a little while. I asked her if she ever had sex with a woman. She told me she really isn't turned on by girls, even after seeing them naked all night. Weird, huh? Anyway, the one girl she said that does turn her on is Charlie. Now there's a two-some I'd pay to see :)

I asked Crimson if she would like to be my girlfriend and she said that she already has two boyfriends. I then asked her if I could be her girlfriend. Shot down again :(

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